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School Partnership

Are you looking to have a STEAM Afterschool program at your school? We partner with schools to customize a program held at your facility. 

For more information, contact us at (201) 627-3824.

STEAM Mum would love to partner with your school to enhance your students' love of STEAM and close the learning gaps due to COVID-19.  

To learn more about us, please visit, call 201-627-3824 or view the video below. 

STEAM Mum, in partnership with SciTech Kids, is a STEAM lab in Jersey City that helps students excel in STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Our mission is to spark children’s innate curiosity about STEM through hands-on experiences that capture their imagination. President Obama highlighted SciTech Kids’ award-winning program when they won the White House Student Film Festival in 2014 for its film, Full STEAM Ahead. 

The success of the program is based on the curriculum created by our founder, Kim Magloire, a biologist and epidemiologist, who recognizes the importance of integrating STEM topics and actively involving students in the learning process as they make connections, problem solve, and develop critical thinking skills, all essential in today’s world.

Our STE[A]M program uses SciTech Kids’ comprehensive curriculum which covers a range of disciplines including biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, architecture, astronomy, earth science, robotics, and coding (Scratch, Minecraft Mod, and  Python). Our program is also project-based. In each class, children participate in a fun, hands-on activity that centers on experimenting, tinkering, designing, or innovating as they explore a topic. Python). 

Whether your child is a SciTech Explorer (Ages 3 to 5), SciTech Adventurer (Ages 6 to 8), SciTech Investigator (Ages 9 to 12), or SciTech Scientist (Ages 13 to 17) our program requires kids to think critically as they work individually or collaborate with their peers.  

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